SR1 Signature Model


Owen Jackson Guitars.  SR 1 signature custom.

A Big thanks to Owen Jackson for the time and effort he put in on this instrument.

I commissioned him to put together a guitar that had all the  aspects of a guitar that I really like, something that looks great that hugs me and fits me, with bite and real tonal diversity. I wanted the guitar to be light and balanced with the 12th fret right under my nose and a neck that was slick and fast with total access to the 18 to 24 fret region, The guitar was designed around The Reb Beach Ibanez  that I really love  the one with the Koa top.

Owen managed all this and more, it really feels like mine every time I pick it up and always delivers. The neck is slick and very fast, the mahogany body coupled with the AMG active pickups gives the guitar plenty of hot tonal possibilities. I can really burn it up with ease on the super thin, wide radius neck. ( Jem 7 inspired).

“The guitar fits me like a glove and is a perfect scale for my build. It is light and well balanced. “

“When all said and done I am very pleased with the end result and it really feels like it has been built specifically for me..”

It took Owen almost 18 months to refine and perfect this model for me, the wait has definitely worth it. It’s a fine instrument. That truly Rocks.

Thank you for all your patience and effort.

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