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“Amygdala” by Stus Rollins
I DO love the electric guitar and I DO want to Rock, so yes, Stus, this CD is for me- and, no doubt, for countless other lovers of great guitar sounds. On his latest C:D:, “Amygdala” (read the sleeve notes!), Stus pays homage to his guitar heroes, from Jimi, through to Joe, from Stevie Ray to Frank, to Scott Henderson, and I’m sure they would all appreciateStus’ amazing virtuosity on a whole range of guitars. Stus’ very own unusual sounds, plus his innovative introductions to his tracks, deserve wider recognition and I am certain he will create his own devoted band of followers. I am glad that Stus realised it was not “time for bed” and heeded Nietzsche’s advice instead!
Alan Draper

“Rock Guitar is alive and well”  ( Jon Astley Mastering Engineer, The Who, George Harrison )

Talk Rock (review)

Twelve tracks of pure Rock & Roll guitar heroics here from Stus Rollins second release for Alien Resurrection. From the tight punchy opening track, ‘The Calling’ ( his epitaph to the deceased members of Lynyrd Skynyrd ) the album takes the high road and sets the bar high. Through out the album there is an anthology of sound bites that catalogue the various events that have helped shape his style and approach to the electric guitar.  Amygdala tells a story of all things Rock & Roll from Jimi Hendrix to the more modern guitar hero’s like Steve Vai, Jo Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Greg Howe and Scott Henderson. The album also likes to remind us of those infamous string benders that are no longer with us, such as Randy Rhodes and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Amygdala really kicks in with ‘ Land of Hope’ and then delivers track after track showing us his mastery of the instrument from blues to fusion, with a taste of metal from the awesome ‘Metal Head’. It’s an honest straight up guitar album the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while. There is little time to rest as it comes at you with slab after slab of chunky riffs and big fat guitar solos in a wide crisp stereo field. ( an ode to his abilities as producer and engineer)There is time to put your feet up though during tracks like ‘All  I Want’ which has a the only smattering of vocals from Stus before the lush landscape of the lead guitar melody comes to take you away. Then it’s back to business… listen out for the blues fusion on ‘ This is Howe’ ( Greg Howe inspired)  then the  hallucinogenic metal mayhem of ‘ Road to Eleusis ‘. ” Great Stuff ”

There is a sense of humour that comes through in his playing though, sometimes tight and expressive or loose and free like on the super heavy’ Blues for Eddie’ or the offbeat mix of funky fusion found on’ Miles & Miles’. Grab a partner on the lonely waltz time ballad that is ‘Amygdala’ and dance to a thousand guitar notes.

A full hour of entertainment is what you get from the album Amygdala if you are into all things guitar and I mean electric guitar, loud and heavy. It left me happy, exhausted and begging for more. A disc you will want to keep spinning.

T C Kleine. ( BA )


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